Friday, 4 February 2011

Final Goodbyes.......

Vincenzo and Benedetto are four weeks old today.  This was also the day of their funeral.  Their little white coffin and final goodbyes we made has given me a sense of relief.  I know they are together and have reached their final destination.

Most of all we survived, just. My husband and I just about kept it together and we both did what we said we would do for them.

He carried the coffin, as he said he wanted to and I read the poem, we faltered a little and had wobbly moments but ultimately we did it and then held hands.  I hope my little guys were proud, that was the best we could have done for them - I guess they can tell me when we see each other the next time.

That was today, Happy 1st Month, my love for you still grows in my heart...............and less of the 'goodbye' and more of an 'arrivederci', until we meet again......


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