Thursday, 6 November 2014

If you think our hands are full you should see our hearts!

If you think our hands are full 
you should see our hearts!

Ten whole months ago two adorable tiny little bundles arrived in this world and came to stay.  Since that day our lives have been completely chaotic, totally upsidedown but entirely fun!  

After I lost, I no longer remember, a kind lady said to me "In years to come you'll look back (as her Mum did who lost three babies before having her) and look at your children here on Earth and know that you would have never seen their faces if you hadn't given birth to angels" I don't know who that lady was, I haven't been able to contact her since to let her know - perhaps she was an angel too?  But this is so true, I can't imagine never having seen their faces and whilst it doesn't make me miss the others any less these two fill up my heart so much.

I realise that after all this time all it took was one smile - we were blessed with two :)