Saturday, 13 April 2013

Bad, Naughty, Naughty - New!!

I have been terribly bad at neglecting my blog recently and that isn't because life is boring but in fact I have too much going on but nothing I want to address right here, right now.  At the same time I want to continue to offer hope to those out there who are in a dark place, the same one I have shared many, many times and my philosophy will continue to be to find ways to work through this, for it not to define me nor dictate my life.  These events, my sons who haven't stayed, are a part of my life but will not be all of it so in true 'me style' I haven't given up.

In life there are always a few options and the same way I have chosen to lose weight, to get a haircut to start enjoying all the aspects of life that were important to me before we embarked on trying to have a baby such as makeup, fashion, good wine, chocolate, great food etc etc I am also starting to rediscover.

Weight loss is going well, I am back to normal clothes and in a few more pounds I will buy a new wardrobe - a gift to me.

I have a heap load of new friends that I speak to online and find myself with more amazing friends now than I had three years ago and they all know the real me and have seen me at my worse so that can only be a bonus as well!

I continue to see beauty in the world and recently did something that I have wanted to do for a very long time, I bought a Nikon D3200 SLR camera (cue millions of opinions on how good/bad/overpriced/something this choice was) and some very sexy lens.  The sole purpose of which will be to continue to capture the beauty I see around me and look like I know what I am doing while I do it - I am even going on a course (I AM!)

I have already talked about the Zumba and the psychological impacts of being forced into dancing one - two hours every week (crazy, crazy people).

Lots of new; new camera, new bed (which automatically meant new bedding), new make-up, new handbag and bizarrely newfound passion in orchids which are pretty, happy little flowers.  

All in all I feel about balanced right now but 'Back to your point!' I hear you, I'm not telling you yet but keep watching, in a few more weeks I might be ready to say and no, I am not pregnant! ;)