Thank you

Thank you!
 It is important that I tell their story to you and thank you for taking the time to read it.  

Now you know about Vincenzo and Benedetto, my boys have made a tiny mark on the world.

You may think why I am doing this, what a strange thing to publish.  I don't have any other children, they were my first (and second) and I will never get to wipe away their tears when they cry, nurse them when they are sick, cuddle them when they are sad, comfort them when they are scared.  None of the things I am supposed to do I am a Mother that will never know what they could have been as they will never be.  Just as they will never have the chance to grow-up, tread their own path, leave their own marks.  

Their story is their whole life, their whole life was 25 weeks and 2 days long.  By writing their names it proves they are real, that they did exist and can be remembered by people.  

My hope in a small way that they touch you, that my love for my sons will be passed to you so you can pass it on, this is the way we can make sure our precious children that we never heard will live forever.   It makes me smile if you say 'hi' so please do leave a comment on a post or a message in the Guestbook and come back as often as you like, everyone is welcome.  Alternatively you can always tweet me at @kaosfusion

I do this for them, it is one of the only things I can do for them, my gesture, my gift to show them my eternal love.