Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Plan D

So, as I mentioned some time ago.  I rarely give up and the same holds true here.  So I will just come out and say it.

We are pregnant - 'we' being me and my husband by proxy, and a lovely lady, our shining star who is carrying, because sometimes it takes three to make a baby (or two as in this case).

T at 16 weeks
Today hails the halfway point for twin pregnancy and I am delighted to report that there is nothing to report!  Everything is uneventful and 'normal'.

The decision to accept the help from someone else has to be one of the most intelligent things I have ever done.  I am so relieved to not be in the position of carrying this time and yes surrogacy is a scary word and when it first started to be thrown about I shied away from the thought of it.  But I think like any relationship when you meet the right person it just feels 'right' and T for us is perfect.

We decided on a Gestational Surrogacy journey, this means that the two little wrigglers that T is carrying are biologically ours and the birth certificate, once reissued, will have our names as the mother and father.  

So I guess I have learnt a whole new thing in the last few months, I have learnt about the Surrogacy World of Journeys (not a theme park) which receives such bad press and a shady reputation is nothing of the sort.  It has been perfect for us and so far has taken us to the midway point of the pregnancy with out 5th and 6th children.  This time they will be Earth children, I know because it is a team effort and all the pieces are right!

Would you like me to post more?  If so please leave a comment!

Elmo our mascot demonstrating the size of the twins at 18 weeks


ClaraT said...

I have been waiting on this post!
Just delighted for you and S and following your journey so closely.

Oh, and yes please, I would like you to post more!!!


JZ said...

Congratulations! I have followed your journey and you give so much hope for others. Good Luck!

Catherine W said...

Yes please! Please do post more!

So glad that babies 5 and 6 are doing well, may your shining star and you and your husband continue in good health and spirits for the remaining weeks until these sweet ones arrive x

Silver said...

More please!
Congratulations - such fantastic news! I haven't commented much at all, but I've been stalking your blog, hoping for good news. As I have wished my fellow miscarriers - and even more so to you who have lost so much - here's to a really boring, textbook pregnancy, an uneventful birth and then wonderful times for your family!

opboot said...

Silver said...
"...a really boring, textbook pregnancy..."

Beautifully put.. wish I'd thought of that :-)


Darcey said...

So very happy to hear. Boring and uneventful is exactly what you need.

Catherine said...

I'm so happy for you guys! Praying for all 5 of you! Please do post more :)

Cassandra Soto said...

Congratulations! I haven't posted on your blog before, but I have been following you for awhile :) I wish you all the best! And please do keep us updated!

Cindy Lou said...

I am so excited and happy for you. Yes please post more. I have waited and hoped that something would happen. May everything continue well.

Steph Duggan said...

I am SO happy for you, SO happy! I have been checking this blog regularly just to find out how you are doing and I cannot express my happiness for you. Cannot wait to see these beautiful babies xxxx

Gemma said...

Oh my word, just catching up after a few months and so happy to hear this! Please keep us updated on babies 5 and 6 :)

Exciting! Xx

Lisa Sissons said...

Always want to hear more from you xxxx

Lynne Cardona said...

What fabulous news! Congratulations!

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