Monday, 7 February 2011

Celebrity Stillbirth and This Morning

I actually rang This Morning I could not stand the smirky Phillip Schofield with his comment about how rare Amanda Holden's situation is, I was sitting there screaming "No it isn't!!!!", what a presumption.  Almost everyone knows someone that has suffered from a stillbirth, miscarriage or neonatal death therefore IT IS NOT RARE!  17 babies a day die in the UK.  This is no big number, The biggest difference is that most chose to ignore it.  They say "how sorry they are", "how sad they feel", "how they can't imagine what it feels like" and that "we need to try again", "have another baby", "move on"!

WRONG, this is not rare, many celebrities suffer, see here Famous people who have experienced pregnancy loss just mothers are silent in their loss.

If these deaths were given as much attention as cot deaths then maybe they would have been reduced by 70% as cot deaths have been since the increased publicity and subsequent fund raising caused by the raised profile.  Amanda didn't need to lose her baby, I didn't need you lose mine and nor did the majority of the other women that I have met since starting this journey.

I will stand up I will do what I can........I have to do this.....I can't let other women go through what I have.


lorem ipsum said...

I am so very sorry about the loss of your little boys, and am glad that my list brings you a drop of comfort in the overwhelming, drowning sorrow you are going through.

Please keep believing.

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