Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Crying of the Mummy Sheep

Growing up in the country meant that the field of sheep that was the view from my bedroom window throughout the year was something that I loved to observe as it changed with the seasons. 

My favourite time of year after the field stopped being all dull and wintry and the farmer would bring the sheep up from their winter 'residence' and let out into the field bulging with their babies - you knew that the little leaping, bleating, dancing dainty darling lambs would be arriving soon and they were so much fun to watch.  

I used to spend hours watching from my window sketching and running commentaries in my head as the Mummy sheep would round up their babies, scold them when they were naughty, help them when they got stuck, allow them to go off and play with all their little lamb buddies all day long.  That they would rest with them, feed them and chase them.......Mummy sheep were kept so busy!

I remember how sad I used to get when the Mummy sheep cried, and they did every year usually for days after the farmer took their lambs to market.  

The fields were left once again to the Mummy sheep, alone with only each other for comfort.  Together they would cry out for their babies all day and all night, which was not quite the same as their usual bleating.  I would ask my Mum why they made such a noise and she told me because they were looking for their lamb babies, calling for them to come back.  

Of course they never did and after a couple of days the Mummy sheep would be quiet again.  I wonder if their love for their lost children was a silent love and that every year when they stopped crying if they sought solace in each other's company knowing their babies were not coming back.  Poor Mummies.......


Becky said...

I agree poor mummies, makes you realize animals also mourn the loss of their babies...

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