Friday, 25 February 2011

Beware the Monster Lady

'Beware the bogeyman' or, in my case 'Beware the monster lady'!  What a day, trying ever so hard to frequent only 'twin -free zones' which in theory should not be so hard - wrong!  I see them everywhere, which normally I can handle I put my head down and march in the opposite direction.  Today I couldn't and was confronted by two 4-year-old identical twin boys, I'm sure they didn't mean it, I am sure that they were playing, but it does make me wonder especially since one of them kept running up to me pointing and shouting 'Monster Lady!' maybe there is some way they knew.......maybe I am some kind of monster lady but only the kind twins know about "you better behave or the monster lady will get you.....she will squash you to death while you sleep"...... yep that's me baby killer, monster lady, amazing what your body can do without you having the faintest bit of control over it.


Elisabeth Hirsch said...

I'm so sorry :( I can't imagine how hard.
My first boy passed away. I used to swear I could see him in the house. I missed him so badly. It's been eight years and I still miss him. Things have gotten easier though. I can be around unappreciative parents without screaming at them, and I even visited the NICU where my son passed.
I'll be praying for you . . . that things will get better.

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