Sunday, 20 February 2011

Blog Hop

Franchesca's blog at Small Bird Studio asked this question and then I was off, on the blob hop!  The question is: 

What small {or big!} miracles have brought you hope lately? I hope you'll share a piece of your journey by joining the blog hop :)

I have spent the most amazing last two days literally going around the global and reading so many Mummy's blogs! It has been amazing and gives me hope just seeing that it isn't just me that this happened to and that we can try again and get a different ending.

That's the idea now, a new 'Choose your Own Adventure' story that will allow we to come out at the end with those smiles I always had at the beginning of last one. 

In terms of miracles, this is something I blogged about on Valentine's Day when my heart was full of love for my three favourite boys though only my husband was there to share it with me.  For me it sums up perfectly:

"Little gifts from Heaven,
They send me everyday
Tiny, sweet reminders
That they are not so far away......."

These few lines came to me today after I starting to think of all the wonderful people that I have met, since they went away and all the new things I have learnt, all the pictures I have drawn, the poems I have written, the things I have made.  Even the tiny little Robin in my garden who normally sits far away came to rest so close to me in the garden on Saturday and started to chirp, it was surreal as we chatted away about all the big fat worms I was digging up for him. 

Today I thanked my sons for all these new things and for what is to eyes are now open and the world seems different somehow......


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