Sunday, 20 February 2011

Diary of a Time Traveller.......

It has been a few days since I have last ventured a post.  I can't fathom why time continues to move so fast, it is almost March and then April will arrive along with the DD.  

This is the next milestone and I cannot anticipate how it will feel then for it to come and go.  I must remember though that all of these 'dates' and 'days' are moments in time that arrive and then pass.  It still takes incredible effort to jump back into the slipstream of living time and actually participate, do something and get something out of a day.  There are still many days where I feel that I must have been sitting to one side as an observer my only contribution on those days is waking and 'being'.  Knowing that I got up and then it was bedtime and not really recalling anything of value that I did in between.  

Those are the days way I cannot even say that I am an observer because I am not.  In those days I become a time traveller away from the present.  I travel back in time, forward or to a parallel universe where the dice rolled differently and I would still be heavily pregnant right now and my DH would still have the adoring smile on his face of happy contentment and incredible pride.

When the time travelling ends and I come back I find I am still in my pyjamas, still in the living room and it is evening and I have to cook dinner. 


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