Saturday, 15 October 2011

Lanterns and Candles

This evening we lit candles and let a lantern fly high......then we held hands and remembered 2011, the year we had three sons.....


Natasha said...

Remembering your sweet babies.....continuing to pray for you Claudia ♥

little vitu's mom said...

Dear Claudia, since I stumbled across your blog, I have been thinking about you and your sweet babies very much. I really wish they were in your arms now. Miss them with you.

Your losses are devastating. I came across a girl on the premie support site called Inspire, who had lost two boys in two back to back pregnancies . They were both born at 28 weeks due to pre eclamsia. Her third son was born at 30 weeks and is a healthy baby now. Another case I came across is my co worker's sis-in-law, lost two babies, one stillborn at 7 months, another stillborn at 8 months. Her third baby boy now is so beautiful.

Much love to you and thinking of you always.

marine said...

magnifique blog, une grosse pensée pour vous et vos anges. ainsi que pour tous les anges du ciel.


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