Monday, 3 October 2011

The Heart Beats On.....

My baby is 27 weeks old and the heart beats on like a little flame in a breeze.  It is so hard to use the Doppler since the sentence was passed on friday, I am so afraid.  But I have to be brave, like my baby.

The last few nights many ladies, who I have never met, have been kind enough to light a candle and say a prayer for my rainbow baby.  They know who they are and we find it an enormous comfort.

I have also done the same, I hold my bump and imagine that I am hugging my baby when I pray.  

I will continue to comfort him/her until the time comes and remain thankful for the time we have been given together.

From the beginning it will be me and the baby, as it will be at the end....that is the bond of Mother and child no matter how long or how short that time is.

I continue to prepare myself mentally for what is to come and know that this baby will change me again.

In the meantime this baby will feel my love everlasting.  We love you baby.....


Gemma said...

I am hoping agaist hope that baby can pull through. I lit a candle for you both last night and will continue to do so, until one way or another you meet your beautiful child


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