Thursday, 31 May 2012

New Meaning to Names Out Loud

Some days I want to say their names out loud, but I can't. For me doing something 'out loud' doesn't always involve your voice.  I write their names whenever I can as big as I can, facing the sky so that they can look down and know that their Mum is here, thinking about them, always. Last time I felt I needed to I was in Paris, in the snow.  

This time was the big time, a deserted beach called Punta Leona, Costa Rica......I ran up and down writing their names over and over and there they stayed all day in the glorious sunshine for all to see.  You can't get more out loud than that.


ClaraT said...

This was an inspired idea, I loved it x

Maria said...

The beach looks covered in their names. I bit like them being there and playing on that same beach with their mummy!


Lisa Sissons said...

Love this idea, am going to do the same on my blog. Will link back hun xx

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