Sunday, 6 May 2012

Little Quiet Words for a Special Day

So today is International Bereaved Mother's Day (was called International Babyloss Mother's Day).  A special day for mums who can't share it with their children, like me.  

I never expect any rough little handmade cards with the scrawled words of a child on them telling me how much they love me.  No serviced station flowers that Daddy has to hastily buy because 'he forgot'.  No chocolates, no breakfast in bed.  

I have never experienced any of these things only intense loss and the utter feeling of loneliness no matter how many people are around you.

That is my reality and my life at the moment.  To simply miss my children and feel that pain in my heart when I look around and see, one by one, my friends have their own children and distance themselves from me, after all we no longer have anything in common, we can't even share the same Mother's Day.

Hurt, and pain and loneliness yet an undeniable, unfaltering solid strength and determination to carry on.

Sun sets on another day without. 

Villa Caletas - Costa Rica

So for all babyloss mother's those who have and haven't achieved their Rainbow baby yet I send my best wishes and love to them today xxx


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