Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Living life, Surviving Life

Now there have been times when my 'sorry old self' has used this blog to pour out all the self-deprecating thoughts that I defined as warranting me to be credited with the title of 'Uber Sorry Old Self'.  However I wanted to bring someone over to my blog who is a complete source of inspiration for me, despite wading through a whole Nile's worth of rubbish herself, so guest starring on my blog today is Lisa Lynch and in particular Faith, which was her latest blog post.

Me and my Mum - surviving 'life'
Before I hear the uproar, I am aware that in the blogging world that one rarely resorts to crossing blog topics, so how I wound up on Lisa's site may come as a surprise.  I would really like to thank Lisa for having done me a massive favour earlier this year, basically after my first calamity when I lost the twins, you remember, that period when I opened the blog and the rambling started, my very own dear Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer.  

In one of my desperate moments faced with my own inner and outer turmoil I used Lisa's book as a substitute support for my Mum, knowing that I simply was unable to offer my shoulder to lean on at that particular moment as I was incredibly close to stellar collapse of epic, black hole, proportions myself.

So Psychologies magazine>Lisa's article>Amazon>Lisa's book>my Mum.  11 months later I found my way back to her blog, hoping to read all kinds of continuing wonderfulness on her road to recovery to find she is possibly in a worse scenario than me.  

That's not to say that this is a competition on who can be the most melancholy - no no no this is far worse than that.  I think of her often trying to figure out in my head what would be worse, it has warranted some serious head scratching on my part and if you don't believe me check out her blog and then will you get back to me with what you think?

As for my Mum, well her op and chemo all went well and she has the whole 5 year wait thing now.  I guess we are all waiting for something and hoping it will be something good.  Sometimes you are living life, sometimes it's about surviving life.  I know which one I am doing at the moment and there is no shame in that.


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