Thursday, 5 September 2013

We Have Movement - From The OUTSIDE!

Last week I got an excited text from T announcing "It's OFFICIAL we have movement from the outside!" to say I was stunned is an understatement.  This is uncharted territory for me, I 'think' I felt and saw Vincenzo's foot near the end of that pregnancy but I was so overwhelmed sometimes I wonder if I imagined the whole thing.  

So, back to now, kicks.  Little, tiny kicks that can be felt from the outside.  Let me correct that, little kicks that this week at 19+1 weeks actually stop T from going to sleep it is a 'disco in a belly a bedtime'.  I am so delighted at this point, we have a scan next week and it should confirm what I suspect and that is that CHI (Chronic Histiocytic Intervillositis) does not appear if someone else carries our babies, that this condition is tied to the mother.  Anyway enough of that, back to the yummy stuff.

Me at 19+1 weeks:

  • Zumba morphed into Kickboxing:  I last did kickboxing 10 years ago but loved it then and found it great for stress relief and fitness I recently found a local gym with a great atmosphere so started that again.  Hard is an understatement, worth it? Completely!
  • Feeling great:  Honestly, I think I caught my Muchness. I mean my brain accommodates all that has happened and I can not only live with that but also move forward.  This has taken a long time but by far the biggest factor was forgiving myself and learning to love me and everything around me again.
  • Loving not being pregnant!  I love it!  Why doesn't everyone do it this way?  Dread that "omg I can't bear the thought of having to lump around a pregnancy and set myself up for failure? Find an amazing person, a new best friend who loves it and give her the cheapest boob job ever - pregnancy! 
    his Orchid bloomed all summer, the first time since losing the first twins

So, the 'to do' list at 19+1 weeks:
  • Hospital Bag: what to pack, what size bag to take any advice gratefully received
  • Operation Nursery: theme to be announced soon but when does one indulge in the big purchases?
  • Maternity Leave: tricky one this one thanks to UK Law not coming into effect until 2015 I need to negotiate with my company to see what, if any, time I can take
  • Car Seat/Pushchair: where to start with these things, eugh!
19 weeks and the size of potatoes
Finally.....bets are on - are we blue or pink?  We find out next Wednesday :)


opboot said...

blue or pink?
Paint the nursery green. Apart from one huge section done in blackboard paint, with a huge box of large, colourful chalks !

Maternity leave?
pfft - just take a mysteriously long sickie...

So happy for all of you. T sounds cool.

Cindy Lou said...

Yes blue and pink. I love the idea of a lovely shade of green. You will be able to add blues, brown, yellow, pink, lavender, just about anything with it. I'm excited for you. Hope everything is still going well.

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