Saturday, 21 September 2013

Funny Thing the Universe

The Universe is a funny thing - not funny 'ha, ha' more mysterious and bizarre.  I am sitting here pondering today with a slightly smirky smile on my face as fellow blogger and double twin/ twin angel Mum Kate welcomed her twin girls Emily and Sophie into the world.

I finally feel that balance is restored for her, that the universe righted the imbalance that took place when her first twins Matthew and Oliver left too early.  This doesn't always happen, but sometimes something bigger than us suddenly realises and thinks 'crap, best put that to rights'.  I wish it happened more, that there weren't still many, many parents-in-waiting filled with sorrow and please don't misunderstand, this doesn't mean replacing, or substituting our losses BUT when something like this happens it is a sort or reconciliation, a salvage, a gesture......and it is wonderful, because this didn't happen alone and it means that you are not insignificant that something or someone heard and saw what happened and has tried to make it right.

I believe that something happened/aligned/reached out/sent T to carry for us.  That after the attempts to 'make right' didn't work the plan for a surrogate didn't come together through my own stubbornness and perseverance alone because one can look for a lifetime and still not find that perfect person.  Something intervened to ensure we met, that we chatted, that this alternative plan was a feasible one on both a financial and personal level.

So Kate's balance was achieved with two girls and joy returning to her life.  Mine......well we are 21+3 weeks today and, ever consistent as my husband is, we can happily announce that babies 5 and 6 will be sons.

T looking GORGEOUS! 

That is a perfect 6 in a row score (I have tried to calculate the probability of this happening but maths fail me) we have roughly 15+4 weeks left to go!  

....Did you read that bit?  I sneaked it in at the end ;)


Cindy Lou said...

I'm happy dancing for you!

ClaraT said...

Love this!

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