Sunday, 24 March 2013

Evasive Action

After re-reading my last blog made a scrunched up face expression and decided to take some evasive action, the metaphorical 'slap around the face'.  

The first thing I did was start to tweet again and in a bolder fashion, the second thing I did was go and make winter as been a bit never ending this year the constant grey sky is undoubtably enough to get to anyone so it is important that as stubbornly insists on staying that I make the effort to be inspired in other ways.  So here are the things I prescribe to turn a dark mood around:

1 - Zumba.  I don't care where you have to go to do this but try it once and I thank my friend for insisting that I give it a go.  It is an almost surreal feeling standing in a room with 29 other women who don't have any rhythm either but who consider themselves to suddenly become masters of salsa.  For one hour I am a master of salsa and it feels so ridiculous that I challenge anyone to not end up with a silly Cheshire cat grin on your face by the end of it.

2 - Chocolate.  Poor for the diet great for the mood, tell me what tastes better than a slice of handmade dark chocolate torte?  Not shop bought mind you, this has to be homemade so that your house fills with the gorgeous smell of 85% cocoa solids.  Thanks to another friend for suggesting (no real persuasion required) we try 'Chocolate Therapy'.

Chocolate Therapy....

3 - Craft. Make something.  Doesn't matter how small, I have turned to photography, cards, watercolours and PVA glue in the last three weeks alone and it feels good, REAL good.  I pulled down my old A-level Art box from the loft, chucked out a whole load of dried up gouache paints then promptly made a trip to Craft World to buy some more 'stuff'.

If you can't manage all try one......if you do I promise to try and video the Zumba class, just to prove that you don't need illegal drugs to act like a fool in public!  :)


ClaraT said...

I also gave myself a slap on the face and got back out onto the Scottish mountains today, with ice axe and crampons in tow. Loved it. Much needed for the mind and for the body.

Have to say, I do love the idea of Chocolate Therapy....

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