Monday, 15 October 2012

Remembering, thanking

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day.  Around the world candles will be lit at 7pm to remember tiny souls that never got to stay and set foot on earth.

As my contribution I wanted to give thanks to all the ladies who have continued to support me for the last three years, most of whom I have never met, I would probably not even recognise them in the street but would probably not have been able to make it through without them.  I often talk about how lonely it becomes after losing your children but these lovely ladies and modern technology go someway to make up for the lack of any real professional support and all the other reasons that the people that were closest decide to keep their distance.

Even on holiday she remembered my boys

Claire -In memory of Molly (born at 21 weeks in April 2011) & Grace (born at 22 weeks in May 2012) her two much wanted and forever missed daughters (and a little star).  Both of us continue to struggle to understand why our bodies will not carry to term our beautiful children.

Propping each other up through the really tough times.......thank you!  

Read more about Claire you can find her here: Loss Through the Looking Glass

Heidi - and beautiful Angus 8th February 2011 lost tragically to SIDS, Heidi has one of the biggest hearts I know and never forgets to send a text just to check on me.
Breeze - Edie and her little stars.  Breeze lost many children to CHI and with her I have tried to find some answers, always right there never judging.  She was blessed with a Rainbow and is a symbol to me that you should never give up hope.

Lisa - misses Finley (23rd March- 26th March 2012) very much.  She is still trying to understand exactly what went wrong and why Finley couldn't stay but still finds time to surprise and support other Mums out there.  Like letting some balloons go for my boys yesterday...... :) To read more go here: Dear Finley
Claire - Rory (21 weeks in 2009) and Milo (28 weeks 2010) and two little stars.  Who I contacted because our stories were so similar and she turned out to be an amazing source of strength.  We share the same Doctors and I hope the same futures.

Catherine - I only recently met Catherine and learnt all about Gabriel who was stillborn on 19th July 2012.   Distance makes little difference and even all the way in the US she still manages to completely surprise me by taking some lovely photographs. You can learn more about Gabriel Twinkle of Light here: and Catherine's beautiful work here: Gabriel's Garden

Leila - and her beautiful twins Charlie and Jamie, born sleeping 6th January 2012, (and her stars) who we have discussed many a time over lunch as they were born almost one year after my twins.  Always has something encouraging to say and never lets we get down.

And More....
Josie and Harry
Rebecca and Arthur
Kerri Alexandra and Jamie
Tanya and Marko
Laura and Imogen Poppy
Sharon and twins Joshua and Charlie
Callie and Amelia Jade (and her little stars)
Leanne and Stanley (8th March 2011)
Riwa and her little boy TJ (32 weeks)
Becky Liam (3rd January 2011) and Evelynn (22nd April - 24th April 2012)
Carly and Lissa Poppy Lissa Poppy

Above all my husband and best friend Sabino, because he is my reason to keep getting up in the morning......


ClaraT said...

xxxx Thank you to you also. We would be nowhere near in the position we are with regards to research and treatment if it wasn't for you. Much love to a wonderful friend and her beautiful boys xxxx

Amanda Magee said...

Beautiful post! Love hugs and strength from one Angel Mummy to all the other Angel Parents! Xx

Becky said...

Thank you for remembering my sweet babies. Tonight I will be lighting a candle for them and for all the other babies that left this world too soon. Thinking of your sweet boys always:)

Catherine said...

Sei una bellissima persona! Tu e i tuoi figli sarete sempre nei miei pensieri e preghiere <3

Lynne Cardona said...

You don't know me, but I felt compelled to comment, as I have followed your blog since coming across your post on babycentre.
I lost my firstborn Luca, 2 days after his due date, in 2010 and my heart aches for you, to think that you experienced that 3 times over.
We welcomed our beautiful rainbow boy Michele more than a year later, and I truly root for you whenever think of you (which is often) that your journey is soon to follow the same path.
Your story and how you articulate all that you are going through is truly inspirational and moving. I have cried a lot of tears reading your words, and hope that our boys are watching out for one another somewhere out there.
Lynne x

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