Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Happy Birthday Little One

Happy Birthday Gab, you know I love you so,
I think of you each day and treasure all your little photos.
Happy Birthday Fagiolino, even though you aren't here today,
I will celebrate you and the 28 weeks we spent together before you went away........

His hearbeat:

So one year ago I was looking into your eyes that never got to see me.  Thinking about you today my little bundle of gorgeousness.

We had a party and your little buddy Gennaro came along with his hat!

(No Animals we harmed during the party, despite the look on Gennaro's face)

What happened the day he was born?  Read it here: That Beautiful Day

 "Bless the day he came to be, Angel's wings carried him to me, Heavenly
My Angel Gabriel" 09/10/11


ClaraT said...

Happy birthday little man. Hope you are having a fun day with your brothers and my girls. Huge hugs to your wonderful mummy (and daddy too!). Loving the photo of Gennaro with your cake! That made me laugh a lot xx

Lisa Sissons said...

Happy Birthday beautiful boy. I hope that you are able to show your mummy that you can feel her love and that you love her too.

Wishing you a gentle day Claudia xxxx

Shellybean said...

I have lit a candle for the twins & Gab today (also did it on the 9th). Isabella & Mia said a prayer with me for their cousins. Xxx

Anna said...


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