Friday, 2 March 2012

Whole lot of cuddly, huggly bears.....a whole of of thank you

Evie May Bear from Aching Arms
Aching Arms sent me bear, actually the bear was from Evie May's Mum.  It was perfect timing as I have just finished transferring the boys' ashes from the cardboard tubes to lovely handturned wooden pots that I purchased in Costa Rica.

Handmade Urns I brought in Costa Rica.
Not only do I think that the urns are lovely but putting the bear with the urns brought a smile to my face.  The bear is very cuddly and the urns are so very perfect.

Guardians of the Urns

3 little Barely There Bears
I also wanted to show you some other presents I have received, some of you might have seen my first post about Barely There Bears back in April 2011.  Well my very good friend out of the blue, made me a Gabriele bear as well.  

Also a praying Beanie Bear called Hope was sent after I lost Gabriele........these are just some of the things I received, and that I keep receiving, you can see more here Ways I remember
Praying Beanie bear in the Boys Corner

All of these things have kept me going through this, the most difficult time of my life.  Thank you. x


Becky said...

I love those urns, they are just beautiful!

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