Saturday, 23 April 2011

Barely There Bears

Yesterday evening I met up with her again and she gave me two tiny little handmade bears.  They can't be much taller than 15cm. 

They have 'Benedetto' and 'Vincenzo' stitched onto their tiny feet (I bet she wished I had chosen shorter names) and a little heart on the other.  They have tiny little blue hearts for belly buttons and she told me that when she made them she was very careful to cut them from the same piece of cloth but at the same time make them ever so slightly different.  My non-identical twins.

I was genuinely touched, there are still rare people in the world that will go above and beyond to be amazing and Becky stitched these little guys for me by hand as a gift.

So I am sharing them with you, they have taken pride of place next to my bed and when I am ready will go and sit with my boys......thank you Becky......


Becky said...

I love them, how thoughtful of her!

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