Monday, 31 January 2011

Order of Service

Here is something that I have been reflecting on today.  

The irony as the funeral draws closer.  Today I wrote the Order of Service, not as tremendous as you would imagine as I have always been one of those people who functions well as long as I have something important to do.  

So there I was diligently researching, choosing, writing the order of service.  Songs, the right song....very difficult.  No hymns, there aren't enough of us to warrant a plethora of out of tune voices so I opted for three songs.  Let's face it, others have done it so much better.

So there I was through the tears (crying because my test of a good song was if it pulled at my heart strings) transferring my choices over to the 'Order of Service', thank you Microsoft (never thought I would say that) for the very nice template.  I stopped and laughed, honestly though, how many parents have the unfortunate pleasure of putting together their children's funeral?  I could almost hear my boys laughing at me at my choice of Celine Dion, they would never be a fan, I am sure, but I am sure they can forgive me for this momentary lapse as it is in their name......I sincerely wonder what kind of music they would have preferred......


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