Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Tales through Surrogacy

So we are 29 weeks and with only 8 weeks to go I wanted to share a few strange things have been happening since we started this journey and I wanted to share them "More strange?" I hear you say! - well on and chuckle as we do.

Back at 12 weeks
So sitting in the little room at the hospital waiting for the lady to take T's bloods and in comes a spritely young nurse.  Controls T's name, DOB, confirms her address "So we are going to have to do a nuchal test, we will be using maternal age".  "In that case" says Tara "you will need to take hers, she is the maternal mother."

 I say my date of birth and she turns to me and smiles pleasantly "You two have the same date of birth, what a lovely couple you make, how lovely that you are carrying each other's children. How did you meet?"

Well, there was that awkward moment where Tara and I looked at each other, then back to the Nurse, then at each other.  "We aren't aren't a couple, as in gay lover so of couple" I say.  "This is my surrogate".  "Oh, SO Sorry!" Says the Nurse....

......note to self buy a T-shirt that clearly indicates 'surrogacy'.

Then at 18 weeks
T is in a supermarket.  She has identical twin boys who are at the age where they race around creating havoc wherever they go.  Random lady pulls in next to her trolley and flings the comment "well you're brave doing it again" T replies with confidence "yes they are twins again too."

The horror on the woman's face was priceless!

....note to T 'always wear surrogacy T-shirt when out in public'

Last Week
T is waiting to pick up her kids from school.  Parent turns to her and asks how the twins are doing, she replies that all is going well.  Parent (Mum) then says "Won't it be strange when they come out to look at them and see that they won't look like you?" T replies "Err, no, what would be weird is if they came out and DID look like me, that would really confuse me".

......not to T 'correctly align expectations of general public'.

Every week
Me "Yes I am expecting twins at the beginning of January." Eyes of whoever I may be speaking to instinctively move to stomach, to my face, back to my stomach.  Expression changes to disbelief and then pity........after all I am so disillusional aren't I?


Silver said...

Hee hee - can't hurt to have some fun along the way! The knowledge of the medical profession does seem to be patchy. My son is the result of donor eggs and the doctor who took the ages for the nuchal test was completely unphased by the whole thing, whereas one of the ultrasound technicians doing my scans asked about my baby's "real mother" (reply - I AM his real mother) and another had an actual argument with me about due dates, insisting on using my last monthly period to date it when I'd been downregulated for two months prior to transfer - I kept telling her I could give her the date of conception but she was having none of it. So good to hear that your twins are doing well and that you are all managing to keep a sense of humour in the face of the world's ignorance!

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