Sunday, 3 February 2013

Finding my Muchness

Arenal- Costa Rica. January 2013
I was having a down day a while back and a friend in Facebook made a comment to me following something that I posted, she felt that I have lost my 'muchness'.  I was like "What an earth was she talking about?" but as curious as always I followed the link and the seed was planted.  I had a brief look a the website but felt that I was not ready to embark on all that smiley stuff that it was all well and good reminding me what I was missing but noone on that site has lost as much as me so what did they know?

But I don't think any of that matters, I realise I could sit here crying about how much I have lost or I could just decide how much I want back.  It will take some work and will never overwrite everything that has happened but my life will be long and I want it to be colourful and light not dark and painful.  That is why I owe this to myself.

Glitter audit....
So I embark in a journey that will hinge on glitter.  I urge anyone who is in that bitter, dark place to try today to take a peep at the site, just have a it not worth considering?  Will you not let this little seed in to let these "Little bits of Light to help you find your way through darkness"....the answer is 'yes'....sign up here: go on


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