Sunday, 8 January 2012

Silent Birthday

Yesterday I flew back in time on my way to Costa Rica, it meant that the day lasted an extra six hours.  

View from my hotel window
San Jose, Costa Rica Jan 2012

I sang 'Happy Birthday' to the boys and thought of them all day, it was all I could manage being on a plane.  Having said that I can appreciate why this significant day can be hard on Mums and Dads a birthday without cards, cake, present.  Without your children.  But that is my reality so there really is little point eating myself from the inside out going over this in my head.  Remember 2012 is the year that I am letting myself off the hook a little bit.  

Furthermore it is hard to make this day any more outstanding than any other simply because I think of my boys all the time, consequently their Birthday, for me is just another day without them. 

Yesterday was the colour of dusty roads in winter (refer to SOC scale) I honestly believe that yesterday marked a whole year away from that day, I cannot be more grateful for this. 


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